About Remembering 1914–18

The National Museum of Australia has established the Remembering interactive to create a national online connection to the people and events of 1914–18. You can get involved by uploading an image of an object that relates to the First World War and, if you wish, tell us something about the object and your connection to it. You can also create your own collections and tag items with specific emotions.

The interactive will remain open until 11 November 2018 and will become a permanent digital archive and learning resource for future generations.

The launch of Remembering coincides with that of the Museum’s exhibition The Home Front: Australia during the First World War, which is open from 3 April to 11 October 2015.

Both Remembering and The Home Front look at the experiences of war through the prism of people’s emotional responses to them. In the case of Remembering we are especially interested in your emotional responses to the events and objects available on the interactive.

The interactive’s content consists of object photos and their background stories as well as key events in Australia and at the front. You can browse Remembering the following ways:

As you view each event and object you can tag it with suitable emotions.

To participate more fully, you can sign up then:

We hope you find Remembering 1914–18 engaging and thought-provoking. If you have any queries, please look at our Frequently Asked Questions or email remembering@nma.gov.au.